Mike Brandt’s client was charged with theft for allegedly stealing ammunition from a manufacturer in Anoka County, Minnesota. The company his client worked for did an extensive investigation over a period of several years, which included setting up surveillance cameras and tracking packages. The company alleged that Mike’s client had stolen over $50,000 worth of ammunition over several years. Mike’s client was subsequently charged in Anoka County District Court for this offense. Once Mike got hired, he did extensive investigation and convinced the prosecutor that she could not prove that all of the packages his client shipped had contained ammunition. He convinced her that she could only prove up to $5,000 worth of the theft.

Based upon all of this information, Mike entered into a negotiation where his client settled the case with a plea to a low-level felony which will allow Mike’s client to be eligible for an expungement (a sealing of the court records) after he is off of probation. Additionally, Mike’s client was ordered to three years of probation and community service without any jail time.