Arson Charges Glossary

Combustible liquid: a liquid having a flash point at or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Flammable Gas: any material which is a gas at 68 degrees Fahrenheit or less and 14.7 psi of pressure which is either: ignitable when in a mixture of 13 percent or less by volume with air atmosphere, or has a flammable range with air at atmospheric pressure of at least 12 percent, regardless of the lower flammable limit.

Flammable Material: a flammable or combustible liquid, a flammable gas, or a flammable solid.

Flammable Solid: any of the following: wetted explosives, self-reactive materials that are liable to undergo heat-producing decomposition, or readily combustible solids that may cause a fire through friction or that have a rapid burning rate as determined by specific flammability tests.

Multiple Unit Residential Building: a building containing two or more apartments

Public Building: a building such a hotel, hospital, motel, dormitory, sanitarium, nursing home, theater, stadium, gymnasium, amusement park building, school or other building used for educational purposes, museum, restaurant, bar, correctional institution, place of worship, or other building of public assembly.

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