Mike Brandt was hired to assist a client in getting his driving privileges reinstated in the State of Minnesota. The driving privileges of Mike’s client had been Cancelled as Inimical to Public Safety nearly 20 years ago. After that time, Mike’s client obtained a driver’s license in a different state but due to the Federal requirement that a driver cannot get a license in any state if their privileges are withdrawn in another state, Mike’s client was not able to get his driving privileges renewed in the other state. That would have had a detrimental impact on Mike’s client, since he is an over-the-road commercial truck driver and relies on his license for his livelihood.

Navigating the reinstatement requirements with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety can be very challenging. Mike assisted his client in putting together the appropriate documentation, obtaining an updated chemical use assessment, and other letters and required forms. Even though Mike’s client did not get all of the documentation in prior to the expiration of his license from his home state, Mike convinced the Department of Public Safety to provisionally reinstate his client on the condition that additional documentation be provided by a certain deadline date. Mike’s client was able to provide that documentation and his driving privileges were fully reinstated.

This is another example of various ways that Brandt Criminal Defense can help folks navigate administrative aspects of the criminal justice system.