Can the cops talk to my kids without my permission?

Can the cops talk to my kids without my permission?

Yes. The police can question children without parental permission. Children can be questioned about something they may have witnessed or their involvement in criminal activity. However, no one, neither adults nor children, can be forced to speak with the police. Just...

Minnesota Department of Human Services Disqualifications

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) conducts background studies on individuals before they can provide any direct contact services or, in the case of nursing homes or boarding care homes, before they can access residents and their belongings. This applies to facilities licensed by DHS, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), the Department of Corrections (for programs serving youth and children), and non-licensed personal care provider organizations. The background study is thorough and includes criminal history from the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and records from county adult and child protection services, DHS, and MDH.

Minneapolis Juvenile Lawyer

Summer is upon us which means the kids are off school for a couple of months. It also means that many youth are spending more time at the mall, on the streets and in the shops. If your youth has gotten himself or herself in trouble over the school holidays and is...