Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorneys for Hopkins, MN

Do you need the services of a drug attorney, DUI lawyer, or criminal lawyer? At Brandt Criminal Defense, our primary focus is applying integrity and understanding to our Minnesota clients’ cases, including those in Hopkins, MN. Our 30 years of experience in the criminal defense legal field have prepared us to handle a wide range of cases – felony and misdemeanor.

Drunk Driving Defense

Has a recent incident left you in need of a DUI attorney or DWI lawyer? DUI/DWI charges are serious in every state – Minnesota included. The ramifications offenders face increase drastically with each new conviction. Whether this is your first DUI/ DWI charge or you’ve been down this road before, a Brandt Criminal Defense drunk driving lawyer can fight to reduce the probability of a conviction or at the very least minimize the legal consequences.

Drug-Related Crimes

Drugs crimes are among the mostly commonly seen felonies and misdemeanors in the legal system. From possession and distribution, to manufacturing and conspiracy, we handle all aspects of drug-related cases. At Brandt Criminal Defense, we leave no stone unturned. Your drug lawyer will evaluate every detail of your case and work to help you avoid steep fines, prison time and loss of constitutional rights.

Accused of a Felony/Misdemeanor?

Our defense attorneys are highly skilled when it comes to representing the best interests of clients facing felony or misdemeanor charges. Whether you’re looking for a Hopkins, MN robbery lawyer, theft crimes lawyer, or first-time DWI attorney, a Brandt Criminal Defense legal representative is the solution you need. In addition to protecting your rights and privileges, your criminal attorney will serve as an indispensable source of legal advice and guidance.

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