Mike Brandt’s client was charged with a felony charge of Domestic Strangulation for an offense that occurred in the City of St. Louis Park, Hennepin County, on October 7, 2017. Mike’s client did not have any prior offenses, and the incident emanated from a conflict with his wife. The state was moving forward with the charges and the victim had evidence of the strangulation and was willing to testify at trial. Notwithstanding these issues, Mike was able to convince the prosecuting attorney to reduce the charge to Interfering with an Emergency Call—basically admitting that he took the phone from his wife during the argument when she tried to call 911. This avoided a felony as well as any sort of conviction where violent behavior was mentioned or otherwise involved. Mike’s client was placed on probation for two years and was required to complete counseling but was not required to serve any additional jail time. This result not only kept a felony off his record but also kept his client from serving any more jail time.