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    Terminology Involving Expugement
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    Expungement FAQ
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Expungement Attorney in Saint Paul & Minneapolis, MN

Do you have a criminal record that you would like expunged? It is essential that you work with an experienced criminal lawyer for criminal record expungement. The criminal attorneys at Brandt Criminal Defense provide legal services for clients in Minneapolis, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Anoka, MN, Hopkins, MN, and throughout the State of Minnesota.

Types of Criminal Record Expungement

Minnesota law provides for two types of expungement: statutory authority expungement and inherent authority expungement also known as judicial expungement. Statutory authority expungement refers to cases that may be fully expunged. Cases that are not eligible for statutory authority expungement may be expunged pursuant to a judge’s authority. In general, the expungement only applies to court records. It is best to seek the advice of a criminal record expungement lawyer to determine how the law applies to your case.

Criminal Record Expungement

Cases Eligible for Full Expungement Pursuant to Statute Authority Include:

  • All cases resolved in favor of the defendant, including cases where charges were dismissed, cases that resulted in an acquittal by a judge or jury, and any other case that did not involve a guilty plea.
  • Any case involving a diversion where charges were dismissed after successful completion of formal or informal probation.
  • All petty misdemeanor offenses if it has been two years or more since the date of conviction.
  • All misdemeanor cases if it has been two years or more since the date of discharge from probation or sentence.
  • All gross misdemeanor cases if it has been four years or more since the date of discharge from probation or sentence.
  • Some felonies (about 50 felonies qualify) if it has been five years or more since the date of discharge from probation, parole, or sentence.
  • Juvenile cases prosecuted in adult court.
  • Juvenile cases prosecuted in juvenile court.

The expungement process takes at least five months for it to be granted and effective. The first step is a full criminal history background check. As your criminal lawyer, we handle your case from start to finish. We will draft all necessary documents and serve notice of the expungement request to required agencies at least 60 days in advance of the hearing. When an expungement is granted, it takes 60 days to become effective to provide the time for agencies to file any appeals prior to records being sealed.

Our criminal attorneys have been recognized throughout the state for their work in expungement law. We have conducted seminars on expungement law for other attorneys, testified before legislative committees, assisted in writing the new expungement law, and spoken on the radio and television on this topic. If you need help with criminal record expungement in Minneapolis, MN, Saint Paul, MN, Anoka, MN, or Hopkins, MN, please contact our law firm at 763-421-6366.




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