Mike Brandt’s client was arrested in Hennepin County, Minnesota, on an extradition matter based upon a Warrant out of the State of Colorado. When he was arrested, Mike’s client was in town for business and the arrest caused a great deal of problems.

Because of the underlying charge in Colorado, the Colorado authorities were requesting that Mike’s client be held without bail to be extradited back to Colorado. The concern with this type of a situation was that Mike’s client would be put on a cross-country transport bus and it could take one or two weeks for the transport from Minnesota to Colorado. The impact this would have been devastating to Mike’s client’s business.

Mike prepared for the case by obtaining a great deal of information regarding his client’s personal situation, the underlying facts of the charges in Colorado, as well as information about the client’s business ventures. Mike appeared at the extradition hearing and the State requested that the judge set bail in the amount of $150,000. Mike related to the judge the extensive information Mike had obtained regarding the client, his personal situation, as well as the allegations from Colorado. Mike then argued that bail in the amount of $40,000 would be sufficient to assure that his client to return to Colorado and deal with the charges there. Notwithstanding the State’s request, the Judge agreed with Mike and set bail in the amount of $40,000. Mike’s client was able to post the bail and return to Colorado on his own. Once he returned to Colorado, the case in Minnesota was dismissed.