• What items are subject to forfeiture?
    What items are subject to forfeiture?
    Possesions such as homes, automobiles, weapons and more can be seized.
  • How do I get these items back?
    How do I get these items back?
    Usually paperwork needs to be filed to challenge the state in order to get your property back
  • What should I do if my property has been seized?
    What should I do if my property has been seized?
    Call Brandt Criminal Defense and speak to a lawyer who can tell you your options.

Criminal Forfeiture Lawyer in Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN

Under Minnesota’s civil forfeiture laws, police can take your property including your car, cash, guns, and other property without convicting you of a crime. In order to fight to get your property back, you often have to file paperwork challenging the State taking this property. There are strict deadlines you must follow, depending on when and how your property was taken or seized. The criminal attorneys at Brandt Criminal Defense in Minneapolis, Minnesota can help.

The lawyers of Brandt Criminal Defense have over thirty years of experience. One of our attorneys writes a chapter in the DWI Deskbook (a book other attorneys use as a guide to DWI practice) on forfeiture. Our lawyers have taught CLEs on forfeiture and have handled many forfeiture cases.

Criminal Forfeiture

The State can take your property in relation to certain types of offenses including:

Our lawyers are aggressive and devoted to providing the best legal representation possible. We are happy to sit down with you to explain the important deadlines you are facing and your options for getting your property back.

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