Eric Bain’s client was charged with a Gross Misdemeanor Domestic Assault for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. As part of their case, the State had photographs showing injuries to the girlfriend, a 911 audio that was very damning, as well as a statement that the girlfriend gave to the police implicating Eric’s client. As part of his preparation on the case, Eric had his investigator take a statement from the alleged victim in which he clarified many of the details that she had claimed in the initial police reports. She also noted that she was trying to get Eric’s client in trouble and may have embellished numerous details. The case was pushed to trial, and before trial started the State made an offer which was acceptable.

Specifically, the State agreed to amend the Gross Misdemeanor charge to a Misdemeanor and also agreed to a Stay of Adjudication. This means that no conviction was entered on the matter and as long as Eric’s client follows probation and is successfully discharged, the case will be dismissed.

Eric’s client was placed on probation for one year with the condition that he attend a one day anger management class and pay a small fine. The way the case was originally charged would have resulted in a long-term domestic abuse program as well as mandatory minimum jail time. Eric was able to avoid all of these consequences for his client.