Juvenile Crime and Offenses Glossary

Adjudication of Delinquency: The juvenile version of a conviction for a juvenile offense. Convictions refer to adult court offenses only. An adjudication of delinquency is not the same as a conviction.

Stay of Adjudication: A sentence or disposition where a juvenile offender pleads guilty to an offense, but the judge does not accept the plea and does not formally adjudicate the juvenile.

Certification: Refers to the process of certifying a juvenile offender to be treated as an adult and prosecuted in adult court. The prosecutor must make a motion to the juvenile court judge to have the case referred to adult court where the juvenile offender will be prosecuted as if he or she is an adult, and subject to adult penalties and sentencing (i.e. possible adult prison time). This is usually for the most serious juvenile offenses. In Minnesota, juveniles as young as age 14 may be certified to adult court.

E.J.J.: Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction. Refers to the ability of the juvenile justice system to keep a juvenile offender on probation past the point of adulthood, until age 21. This is used for more serious juvenile offenses.

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