Mike Brandt’s client came to him after he had paid the ticket for Possession of Marijuana in a More Vehicle. Mike’s client did not realize that by paying the ticket, the charge would go on his driving record and would result in him losing his driving privileges. Mike’s client was a college student and losing his driving privileges within very detrimental to his ability to travel to and from school and the conviction would have stayed on his driving record.

Mike had the client proactively attend a marijuana education class, perform community work service, and Mike also submitted numerous letters of recommendation to the prosecutor. Based upon this information, the prosecutor agreed to allow Mike’s client to withdraw his plea to the charge, and the prosecutor then agreed to continue the matter for dismissal. This means that as long as Mike’s client stays out of trouble, the charges are to be dismissed in one year. Because the plea was reversed, the notation on Mike’s client’s driving record was removed and his client was back to having a clean driving record.