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Has your child been accused of a crime? Are they under the age of 18? If so, the juvenile crime lawyers at Brandt Criminal Defense in the Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities metro area can help. We have handled all aspects of juvenile law and have over 30 years of experience handling juvenile cases.

Juvenile crime cases are considerably different from adult crime cases. The rules are different and certain rights of the child are different. If your child is facing these types of charges, you need an attorney that is experienced in handling juvenile crime cases. The team at Brandt Criminal Defense has secured dismissals, acquittals, and greatly reduced charges in every type of juvenile case.

Juvenile Crimes

Here are some facts about juvenile cases:

  • They include any crime committed by a person while under the age of 18
  • Prosecution takes place in the county where the crime occurred, but sentencing (or disposition) is held in the county where the child lives
  • There are no juries for juvenile cases, if there is a trial, the judge determines guilt
  • If a juvenile is found guilty they are not “convicted,” they are found to be delinquent

Some things to consider if the juvenile is found guilty (or found to be delinquent):

  • Will their records be available to the public?
  • Will this delinquency prevent them from finding a job or housing?
  • Will this prevent them from owning a firearm?

Contrary to popular belief, juvenile crimes can and will show up on background checks. Most juvenile records are private, but if the charge is a felony and is committed by a child 16 or older, their records will be public and easy to find. These cases are not “sealed” when the child turns 18 and can have a devastating impact beyond the courts. These cases can affect employment, housing, and even college financial aid. If your child is facing charges in juvenile court, put our 30 years of experience to work for your child to protect their rights and their future.

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