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Homicides include a wide range of crimes from manslaughter to murder in the first degree. There are also homicide charges relating to suicide, and murder or manslaughter of an unborn child. Below are the main types of homicide: murder and manslaughter.

There are varying degrees of murder in the state of Minnesota with coinciding consequences.

Murder & Homicide Crime

First degree murder can include:

  • Death with premeditation and with intent
  • Death occurs from another crime such as rape
  • Robbery or arson results in the death of another
  • Victim is a police officer or correctional facility officer while on duty
  • Child abuse
  • Domestic abuse

Second degree murder can include:

  • Intent to murder another person, but not premeditated
  • Unintentional Murder
    • Causing death without intent while committing felony
    • Causing death without intent to cause death but intentionally inflicting bodily harm while there is an order for protection

Third degree murder can include:

  • No regard for human life such as providing controlled substances resulting in overdose

Manslaughter can include:

  • Heat of passion provoked by words or actions of another
  • Negligence

Vehicular homicide can include:

  • Someone who causes the death of another in an auto accident due to driving while impaired

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