Nicole’s client faced serious theft charges in Ramsey County after being accused of stealing over $80,000 from his former employer. Because of prior criminal history record, the case called for a minimum 39-month prison sentence. Nicole’s client risked losing his new job, his wife and over three years of his life. So he hired Nicole to help him through this process.

In order to convince the State and Court that her client should not be sent to prison, Nicole filed a motion for a downward dispositional departing. Also filed the motion was a detailed memorandum with supporting documents. This included a professional advisor’s report, letters of recommendation from her client’s loved ones and even his most recent academic transcript. All of this was put together by Nicole to show a different side of her client, which proved to be very effective. Instead of over 3 years in prison, her client received 17 days in jail and was placed on probation. Nicole’s client was even granted work and school release. Because of Nicole’s representation, her client kept his job, wife and can continue to build a new life.