Mike Brandt’s client was charged with violating an order for protection (a no-contact order) for having contact with his wife who had obtained a restraining order against Mike’s client. This occurred in the City of Coon Rapids, Anoka County, in March of 2018. The police officer observed Mike’s client with the protected person and arrested Mike’s client. There was no defense to the case, as the police officer actually saw Mike’s client speaking with the protected person. Notwithstanding that fact, Mike was able to convince the prosecuting attorney that, based upon Mike’s client’s lack of prior record, the fact that the order had been dismissed after this arrest, as well as the fact that the protected person did not want to pursue the charges, the matter should be continued for dismissal.

A continuance for dismissal is where Mike’s client did not enter any sort of plea, and the matter was continued for one year at which time the charge will be automatically dismissed. Not only will this prevent Mike’s client from having any sort of criminal record, it will also put Mike’s client in a position to have the record expunged (sealed) once the matter is dismissed.