Probation Violations in Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN

If you are facing allegations you have violated your probation, we can help. If you were placed on probation, a judge likely ordered you to complete several requirements as part of that probation. A violation of probation means there are allegations you have not successfully met or completed those requirements. If you are found to be in violation of your probation, you could be ordered to serve the jail time that was stayed as part of your original sentence, or be required to meet additional requirements.

Probation Violation

Typical probation violations include:

  • Failing to complete community service
  • Failing to report to serve jail or workhouse time
  • Failing to pay a fine
  • Failing to remaining law abiding by committing a new offense
  • Failing to abstain from the use of alcohol or drugs

Violating these conditions means you will be ordered to return to court at a probation violation hearing. At that hearing, the allegations against you must be proved by clear and convincing evidence. You are entitled to have a hearing, where you can call witnesses on your behalf, and cross examine the witnesses against you. You have the right to be represented by an attorney throughout the proceedings. Having a lawyer is your best defense. If you completed the requirement of your probation, we will thoroughly investigate the facts related to your situation and obtain documentation and other evidence to show you did completed your probation requirements. If you have not completed the requirements of your probation, we can work with you to complete what probation requires and to put your best foot forward. We will negotiate with your probation officer, the prosecutor and the judge to ensure that you can get back on track with life.

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