Prostitution Defense Lawyer in Minneapolis & Saint Paul, MN

Have you been accused of Prostitution in the Minneapolis, MN Twin Cities area? If so, hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best thing you can do to fight these allegations. The team at Brandt Criminal Defense have over 30 years of experience handling prostitution allegations. We have successfully defended these charges and have secured not guilty verdicts in jury trials, dismissals, and negotiated significantly reduced charges.

Prostitution charges can range from misdemeanors to felonies depending on whether there are prior convictions, the ages of the alleged victims involved, whether a person was acting as a patron, and whether there was an offer or an agreement made in a public place.


Prostitution is generally defined as:

hiring, offering to hire, or agreeing to hire another individual to engage in sexual penetration or sexual contact, or being hired, offering to be hired, or agreeing to be hired by another individual to engage in sexual penetration or sexual contact.

Prostitution can, therefore, encompass a variety of actions. These actions can be physical, sexual, or merely verbal (even if electronic). The possible consequences of a prostitution conviction can include significant jail or prison time and fines. In addition to these consequences you could also face collateral consequences if you are convicted of prostitution, including sex offender registry and making a notation of the conviction on a person’s driving record.

In addition to hiring or engaging in prostitution, there are also laws against housing prostitutes, acting as a prostitute, and others.

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