Mike Brandt’s client was charged in the City of Roseville for refusing to submit to a chemical test. The charges stemmed from an accident where Mike’s client had crashed her car and walked away. The police found Mike’s client and arrested her for DWI. Due to the client’s level of intoxication, she took a preliminary breath test indicating her alcohol level was well above .30. At the police station, Mike’s client refused to submit to a test and was charged with a gross misdemeanor Test Refusal.

In preparation of the case, Mike had his client do several affirmative things, such as obtain a chemical dependency evaluation, attend a class that was recommended, attend a MADD Victim Impact Panel. Mike also put together records showing his client’s progress in college, he obtained several letters in support of his client, and pointed out that this case was a bit of an anomaly for his client. Based upon all of that information, the prosecutor agreed to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor Fourth Degree Driving While Impaired. That avoided a gross misdemeanor conviction on his client’s record and also caused the license revocation to go from one year down to 30 days.